Fun Bedtime Routine for Children

By Sarah Pachev

Reading Cinderella again putting you to sleep? Look at these fun bedtime routines that my children love!

  • Do a short puppet show. Simply use one or more of their favorite stuffed animals to tell the story.
  • Finger play with shadows on the wall. Make shapes of animals and make up a story about it.
  • Let the children act out the story as you read along.
  • Skip the story all together and just sing together. Let the child pick if she wants to sing with you or just listen.
  • Have a baby in your arms and find it hard to hold a book too? Retell your favorite story or make up a new one.
  • Hold a memory night where you tell stories about your child when he was a baby or tell stories from your childhood.
  • Story tapes are a great favorite at my house. We get them at the library or find cheap ones to add to our collection. My mom gave me some made by Brite Music that teach wonderful values like cleanliness, honesty, happiness, love, dependability and more.
  • Simply hold your child in your arms, kiss and hug them and let them do the'll be surprised at what they say.
Don't be afraid, however, to take a break if you are too tired to put on a show at night. I do what I can and when I've been going strong all day I always at least tuck them in and give them a little love.

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