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10. CGI++ HTML extensions

Generating HTML is a frequent task when writing a CGI application. CGI++ facilitates this with HTML_START and HTML_END macros. Since the HTML between those macros is pre-processed, CGI++ can process its own HTML extensions in between those macros and convert them to standard HTML in the output of the generated application.

10.1 DATE input

Usage: <input type="date" name="name" startyear="startyear" endyear="endyear" >

Example: <input type="date" name="bday" startyear="1900" endyear="2000" >

Description: In the HTML this will expand to drop down lists (<select>) for day, month, and year. The form object will have a member of type CgippDateInput. For details, see cgi++-lib.h in the distribution.

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